Note: This is a 1997 article found at SEAK -

Reducing Lawyer Involvement!

Workers' compensation experts are advising employers and self-insurers how to make sure their injured workers don't seek the services of a workers' compensation lawyer. In a recent article entitled "The Halo Effect: Measuring the Power of Intangibles in Workers' Compensation", the author advises:

When workers are satisfied with their employer's treatment and with their medical care, they return to work sooner and are less likely to seek out a lawyer.

What is the profile of a "satisfied" worker?

Profile of Injured Worker Most Likely to Be Satisfied with Employer

- Had prior communications from employer about workers' compensation
- Received medical treatment on the first day
- Company arranged for or escorted worker to doctor
- Doctor set expectations for recovery and explained how injury would affect workers' ability to perform job
- Had enough information about workers' compensation, medical condition, and how to speed recovery
- Company and co-workers stayed in touch during the recovery period
- Employer believed injury was genuine
- Company had a return-to-work program
- Returned to work in less than a month
- Had a modified job environment until fully recovered

For a copy of the entire article see the Fall 1997 issue of The Journal of Workers' Compensation, vol. 7 no. 1, pages 9-22, or call 800-682-5759.