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file.gif A_Pariah_When_Injured.htm A "company doctor" writes about abuse, denial of treatment, and retribution by employers against workers who file workers' compensation claims.
file.gif Attention_Wal-Mart_Workers.htm A Washington state order states that Wal-Mart has "repeatedly and unreasonably" delayed giving injured workers the benefits they were owed under law, and, in some cases, Wal-Mart employees were not allowed to file workers' comp claims at all.
file.gif Blindfolded_and_Paraded.htm Among other things, Levi Strauss workers say they were blindfolded and paraded around the parking lot and taunted as “walking mummies” or “lazy.”
file.gif Broken Pact and $97 Million Payday Columbia Falls Aluminum Co. wrung a 15 percent pay cut from employees in return for a share of profits. Instead, the employers for five years funneled much of the money into secret offshore bank accounts.
file.gif  Janitorial_Firms.htm The owners of three Palmdale, California janitorial firms were sentenced to prison and jail time in an "underground-economy" crackdown on employers who underpay workers and don't pay taxes, including workers' compensation premiums.
file.gif Labor_Ready_Violations In addition to Oregon's latest fine ($49,500) against Labor Ready, a temporary workforce provider, the company was fined $734,000 by Washington state officials, who say the company misclassified workers to avoid paying workers' compensation premiums. Click here to read more on misclassification fraud.
file.gif Rein_In_Antibusiness_Efforts.htm A businessperson argues for business interests and discusses competition between the states for employers. This very reasoning has been the basis for passing anti-worker (workers' comp deforms, etc.) legislation over the years.
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