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November 19, 1999


By The Associated Press


SALEM --Rep. Kevin Mannix said Thursday that he will run again for Oregon attorney general -- this time as a Republican.

Mannix, a Salem lawyer, ran for attorney general in the 1996 Democratic primary but lost to Hardy Myers after Gov. John Kitzhaber took the unusual step of injecting himself into the race. Kitzhaber backed Myers, who won the general election.

Mannix, 49, switched parties after the snub by Kitzhaber and said he's confident of winning the Republican primary in May. He also said his sponsorship of tough-on-crime measures through the years will win him bipartisan support in the November general election. Mannix's accomplishments during four terms in the Oregon House include sponsoring a 1991 anti-stalking law. He also wrote ballot measures that have reshaped Oregon's penal system. He sponsored four crime- related initiatives that voters passed in the Nov. 2 election after the Oregon Supreme Court overturned his Measure 40, which passed in 1996.

Kitzhaber, in endorsing Myers in the 1996 Democratic race, said at the time that Mannix's ballot measures often are reactionary and don't consider big costs they impose on the state.

Mannix said Thursday that although he and Kitzhaber disagree philosophically on issues, he and the governor aren't enemies.

Mannix did take aim at Myers, however, saying that the Democratic attorney general hasn't been a strong enough advocate for making Oregon's schools and neighborhoods safer. Myers said recently he will seek re-election.

Myers said Thursday that although it isn't his style to spend a lot of time personally lobbying lawmakers, the state Department of Justice that he heads was an active player in the Legislature, pushing more than 50 bills.

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