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file.gif Doctors_for_Sale.htm A must read! Willamette Week says, "You are about to descend into the netherworld of injury litigation, a treacherous no-man's-land between medicine and law, where every victim is a suspect, every twinge has a price tag and every the theory, however fantastic, can flourish if only it is fertilized by money." [text version]
file.gif IME_complaints_involve.PDF A 1997 letter by DCBS states that IME complaints involve, among other things, false medical history and statements by examiners, fill in the blanks "canned" reports, rough treatment, and poor hygiene of examiners.
file.gif IME_Jacobsen_&_OARA_436-010-0270.pdf Government document says that the person conducting the examination shall determine the conditions under which the examination will be conducted.
file.gif OR_Medical_Examiners-IME_Complaints_1.pdf Page 1 of 2. The Oregon Board of Medical Examiners writes the state about complaints it's received about IME's.
file.gif OR_Medical_Examiners-IME_Complaints_2.pdf Page 2 of 2. The Board states that failure to provide adequate explanation and/or adequate draping has also led to allegations of sexual boundary violations, especially following physical assessment around the breasts and pelvis of female patients.
file.gif Prepare_for_IME.htm Here are many tips about what to expect and how to make the best of this situation.
file.gif Worker-requested medical examination When certain qualifications are met, workers are now entitled to have a medical examination by a physician selected by the director and paid for by the insurer.
file.gif Dealing With SAIF - Sick and feeling like a criminal "It was the most degrading and humiliating experience I think I've ever been through," says Westmoreland. "It was as if the doctor had already made up his mind in advance."
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