Check References of Doctors


The American Medical Association (AMA) provides an area that provides information such as schooling and medical association affiliations. It also lists whether doctors are members of the AMA.

Call 1-888-ASK-MEDI and for a fee of $15 for the first doctor and $5 for each additional (up to five) you can find out if a doctor has been sanctioned by any of various government agencies and whether he or she is certified to give a determination in their specialty.

Buy a hard copy of Public Citizen's "Questionable Doctors." Regional issues are $20 plus $3.50 shipping. This organization was founded by Ralph Nader.

Contact federal agencies to learn disciplinary actions taken against a doctor.

View a list of hospitals across the country who have had confirmed violations or civil penalties.

State of Oregon

The Oregon Board of Medical Examiners lists information about doctors and actions (although limited) taken against them.

Learn whether a doctor (IME, etc.) has been mentioned in an Oregon Court of Appeals or Oregon Supreme Court case since 1998 by typing in their name in the provided search engine.

Oregon Workers' Compensation

Type in a doctor's name and you may find cases that were heard by the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board