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file.gif 1998_Corporate_Salaries.txt Salaries in 1998 ranged from $218,228 to $678,923 with increases from 1997 as high as 62%.
file.gif 1998_Oregon_Hospital_Profits.txt Oregon hospitals average $3.2 million in profits.
file.gif 2.4_Million_Used_for_Lobbying.txt Oregon's health care industry spent $2.4 million on lobbying during 1997.
file.gif 56_Million_Profit_for_Non-Profit.txt Legacy Health System boasted about its $56 million profit in a newsletter sent to physicians.
file.gif After_Junket_Clinic_Closed.txt PeaceHealth spends $62,000 on Japan trip and the closes Prenatal Clinic.
file.gif Big_Bonuses_for_Execs.txt Standard Insurance Company executives, including its CEO and president, could share between $1.5 to $2 million in retention bonuses.
file.gif HMO's_Drop_out_of_Rating_Stats.txt Some of the largest plans in the country like Aetna, US Healthcare, Cigna, PacifiCare and Prudential drop out so consumers can't determine their ratings.
file.gif Hospitals_Fined_for_Overbilling.txt During four month's time, Oregon hospitals pay $502,516 to the federal government for double billing Medicare for diagnostic services.
file.gif Ins._Exec_says_Industry_Arrogant.txt Former CEO and president of Legacy Health System says hospitals have lost the public's trust in the past decade.
file.gif Maryland_Fines_HMOs_$1.6M.htm Among numerous violations, contractors for Aetna U.S. Healthcare, FreeState and United fail to pay health care providers' claims within 30 days and did not pay interest on those late claims, as required by Maryland law.
file.gif OHSU_Billing_Practices.txt MD files lawsuit. Says he was dropped from the University's plastic surgery program because he voiced concerns about his boss's billing practices.
file.gif Oregon_Hospitals_Improper_Billing.txt The U.S. Department of Justice refuses to back down from its investigation of Oregon hospitals for improper billing of outpatient laboratory tests.
file.gif Oregon_Medical_Assn._-_M81.txt  
file.gif PacifiCare's_Small_Fine.txt PacifiCare failed to acknowledge or pay claims within 20 working days, denied claims without conducting a reasonable investigation, and didn't send patients a written explanation of 67% of denied claims.
file.gif Protect_Medical_Records.txt Developments in Oregon and elsewhere have made insurers, state agencies and health care administrators equal gatekeepers - increasing the potential for disclosure and the need for comprehensive medical privacy legislation.
file.gif Restricting_Patient_Rights.htm  
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