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ORS's, case law, and particularly OAR's change. Much of the info below is from 1999 so please independently verify that what we provide is still applicable. Links to Oregon resources are here.

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file.gif Attorney_Involvement.txt A brief description of HB 1197, a 1990 bill that contained specific provisions to reduce attorney involvement.
file.gif Basics_about_WC.pdf This Adobe Acrabat file provides basic information about workers' comp.
file.gif Derfler,_Mannix,_SB_369.htm This 1995 article discusses the political issues involved in 1995's SB 369.
file.gif Discrimination_Laws.txt Short descriptions of only a few statutes involving employment descrimination. [statutes listed may be invalid at this time]
file.gif Form_2476.doc This is a request in Microsoft Word for release of medical records for a Oregon Workers' Compensation claim. IWA strongly advices that workers make a request. The link to the left provides keyboard input though we advice you visit here first to see if there's an updated version and to learn requirements and limitations.
file.gif Form_3211.pdf Publications Request - Though most are available at their Web site, WCD will mail them. To the left is an order form.
file.gif OAR_436-010-0270_(6)-(9).pdf  
file.gif OR_Administration_Rules.htm  
file.gif OR_Procedural_Rules.htm  
file.gif Oregon_Constitution_Section_20.txt  
file.gif Oregon_State_Bar_Info.htm  
file.gif ORS_183.025_thru_183.725.htm  
file.gif Pain_Control_Bills_in_Oregon.htm  
file.gif Protect_Medical_Records.txt  
file.gif Safe_Employment_Act.htm  
file.gif Senate_Bill_369.htm The core part of this 1995 bill, which caused great harm to injured workers, was ruled unconstitional by Oregon's Supreme Court in May 2000. Read more at: [Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3] [Link 4]
file.gif US_Dex_Q&A.html Get answers to your workers' compensation questions over the telephone.
file.gif Workers'_Comp_Shake-Up.htm This 1999 article says a decision in favor of Mr. Smothers may trigger a sweeping overhaul of the state's workers' compensation law. We're still waiting!
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