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file.gif Cash_and_Influence.htm In 1999, Quackenbush accepts campaign dollars from companies with business before him and uses some of it--$175,000--to pay off his wife's personal debt from a failed state Senate campaign.
file.gif DOI_Whistleblower_Lawsuit.htm Seventeen members of the DOI Fraud Division file a whistleblower lawsuit against the commissioner charging that the DOI leadership conspired with insurance carriers to ram fraud cases through the courts "without meaningful review."
file.gif Donations_of_12.8_Million.htm Controversial donations totaling $12.8 million are made by insurers to educational foundations set up by Quackenbush in lieu of paying hefty fines for mishandled claims resulting from the 1994 Northridge quake. [more]
file.gif Probe_Request_Made.htm Quackenbush ignores staff attorney's recommendations to heavily fine three insurers, State Farm, 20th Century and Allstate, after it was discovered they low-balled claims following the 1994 Northridge earthquake.
file.gif Quackenbush_Under_Fire.htm Political finance records show that Fremont Compensation Insurance Co. deposited $93,350 into the Commissioner's political bank account just nine days after he proposed an 18.4% increase in workers' comp rates.
file.gif Quackenbush_Under Fire Again.htm

A $500,000 donation made to a community group by an earthquake foundation created by California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush stirs new criticism.

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