The following information may be inaccurate. Terms change and programs within WCD have since been altered, reduced, or eliminated altogether.

Workers' Compensation Focus, WINTER 1998

(Focus is published by the Oregon Department of Consumer Business Services, Workers' Compensation Division)

The ABCs of WCD

by Becki Tracbsel

As we go about our work each day it's easy to be caught up in the technical and familiar aspects of it. We sometimes use terms that others don't understand. Acronyms are a good example. We often have requests from our readers to print explanations of the acronyms and terms we use in workers' compensation. Here is the first of several installments to unscramble the WCD alphabet.


The Appellate Review Unit is in the Dispute Resolution Section of WCD. This unit provides administrative review of disputed claim closures issued by either the Benefits Section of WCD or the workers' insurers.


The Employer-at-Injury Program encourages the early return to work of injured workers. It provides incentives to employers who return their injured workers with open claims to light-duty work. The insurer responsible for the worker's claim administers the program and requests reimbursement for program costs from the Workers' Compensation Division. Employer use of the Employer-at-Injury Program is voluntary.


The Employer Compliance Program is in the Compliance Section of WCD. This program helps employers come into compliance with Oregon's workers' compensation coverage laws and helps get benefits for workers whose employers have no coverage.


The obtained employment purchase incentive is used to purchase some items a worker needs for a job. These items must be required by the employer of every worker in the same position and must be necessary for a worker to accept a job or continue employment.


A private rehabilitation organization is a business that contracts with insurers to provide or manage vocational counseling and return-to-work services to injured workers.


The Preferred Worker Program encourages the re-employment of Oregon workers whose on-the-job injuries have resulted in permanent disability. Preferred Workers can't return to the jobs they were doing at the time of injury because of their disabilities and haven't refused appropriate work with their employers-at-injury.


The Reemployment Assistance Unit is located in the Benefits Section of WCD. Re-employment assistance staff oversee programs offering incentives to Oregon employers who employ or re-employ injured workers.


The Rehabilitation Review Unit is located in the Dispute Resolution Section of WCD. The purpose of this unit is to resolve vocational disputes between injured workers and insurers at the lowest possible level. Rehabilitation review staff also oversee the vocational assistance rules.

We recently printed a handout of terms and acronyms that has been a "best-seller" at conferences. If you would like a copy of this free handout, please contact Warren Dixon by e-mail,, or by phone, (503) 947-7627.

Becki Trachsel is a communications specialist in WCD Administration. She is the editor of the WCD Focus and has been with the division since 1983. She call be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (503) 947-7622.