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Posted by Terry Parker Jr. on September 02, 2000 at 02:38:44:

In Reply to: Medical Cover-Ups: The Code Of Silence - KOIN 6 News posted by S G on January 25, 1999 at 01:12:09:

Epileptic individuals who have been subjected to brain surgery by Dr. Harold J. Hoffman, formerly of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children,and experiencing increase and /or variation in seizure activity, along with pain in the operative field may want to investigate if they have been unwitting psychosurgical experimental subjects. I am a two time assault victim, going back to Dec.-1969 and Jan.-1972. My mother was only informed of "scar tissue" removal,with no mention of non-pathological brain tissue removal and the trespass of 43 metallic implants scattered in the right temporal lobe. The Ontario College of Physiciams and Surgeons, and the Health professions board, are taking great joy in sanctioning this new form of criminal activity by trying to suggest neurossurgery took place, despite a letter from neurologist Dr.John Friedberg of Berkley California,that based upon the medical records, psychosurgery did take place without informed consent, and that it is unethical to do so upon a minor. The former patient advocate as well, stated that I am a victim of surgical assault, and to go to the police. The police now state they need a Canadian doctor as to substaniate the records and X-rays.
This is amazing. Dr. Harold Hoffman has had 15,741 children under his care between 1964-1997. It would be fair to suggest that anywhere between 10% and 1/3 have been subjected psychosurgical experimentation under the guise as "scar tissue removal." (1500-5000 children) It is more than evident, that I am looking at one of the most sick cover-ups, anyone can imagine. I have exhausted picketing outside the hospital(413 days)
and any further dealings with the College and the Health Professions Board. I am now looking for other unwitting subjects of Dr. Harold J. Hoffman, who have been assaulted such as myself.
I do recall a Diane Flemming of 1969,and Rachel McFadden of 1972. How's it going girls? Any patients of Dr.Hoffman who believe that their parents may have been misled,are welcome to contact me. More witnesses will assist in disclosing this form of surruptitious experimentation. Or persons may want to contact Srg. Frank Bergen of the Toronto Polce 52 Division, who is asigned to this assault. A joint in front of me, is better than a lobotomy. Terry Parker Jr.

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