meanining "send nike's sneakers"/bad charlotte/took bribe/stop records destruction

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Posted by MOL 9/Kevin Keith Haley/LAST HOPE on October 18, 2000 at 17:12:36:

In Reply to: e-mail Niteline posted by Craig on July 02, 1999 at 17:56:17:

October 17, 2000
Nike's sneakers/not social/red charlotte/BAD CHARLOTTE/
Leopards hasn't changed its spots
Dear Ted Koppel,

Please, stop the destruction of any remaining records that still exist. You are my last
hope. I had to withdraw my complaint for lack of evidence. Hopefully, some of your associates
within the U.S. Department of Justice still have records. It is imperative that you get in touch
with the m . I have no records left; they have all been destroyed. Even more disheartening,
Nyoka "Nike" Uhlenkott has taken a bribe to say everything is okay when she has witness
evidence of abuse. I have even sat at the dinner table when Nike and Roger discussed the bribe
and arrangements. Please notify your associates that Nike's report can not be believed.

Remember I am the one that sent you a letter explaining what the terms "send Nike's
sneakers and it variant Nike's sneakers meant. The terms mean to send Nyoka Uhlenkott from
the Good Charlotte Maid and nanny service to the Logan family home to detraumatise me so that
I may begin pressing charges against the Logan family because the sexual abuse had not stopped

Please, have your associates from the U.S. Department of Justice as well as the former
director who may still have records contact Mrs. Alyson Kinney of child Protective services in
Elkton, MD while she still working on this case
October 16, 2000
Nike's sneakers/not social/red charlotte/GOOD CHARLOTTE/
Leopards hasn't changed its spots

Dear Ted Koppel,

No, I am not delusional. There are not many who realize that some of the garble that I
have used in the letter head is actually code words used to communicate what is happening in
the social group of a pedofile by two or more informants who are working together to catch a
pedophile. But I believe that you already know what most of the terms mean because of a story
that you did on Niteline in 1997 pertaining to what the U.S. Department of Justice is willing to
do to catch a pedofile ring. However, the first term, "Nike's sneakers," and its variant "send
Nike's sneakers is the exception. It is a code word that only I and a few associated with the Good
Charlotte Maid and Nanny service know the meaning of. It is specific to my particular situation.
I know that you have asked the U.S. Department of Justice what it meant (without much
cooperation) and have mentioned this term during closing statements of various Niteline
episodes and in an interview on the Charlie Rose Show. You were on the Charlie Rose Show so
that you could be interviewed about the upcoming Niteline series on the juvenile justice system
and other temporary changes in the format of Niteline. It is during these interviews that Mr.
Rose asked you about past achievements of Niteline. You seemed as though you wanted to
mentioned everything but the Niteline episode about pedophiles and U.S. Department of Justice
techniques for catching them. Mr. Rose directly question you about this story to which gave the
reply that you doubted that it was ever going any further because the director at the U.S.
Department of Justice that was in charge of such a program, was no longer working for the
Department of Justice and you believed too much time had passed. You should never doubt
some things.

Consider yourself contacted! Find that former director and explain why Insanity is
Gooode! You did say to Mr. Rose that if you were contacted first that you would contact that
former director from U.S. Department of Justice and tell him that you had been contacted by
mol 9 and it was time "Nike's sneakers" and its variant "send Nike's sneakers," are code words
that I created and communicated the meaning of to the psychologist that oversaw my Recall
Therapy for sexual abuse who used to have an office at Upper Shore Medical Center in
Chestertown, MD."Send Nike's sneakers," and its variant is the code for some body at Good
Charlotte Maid and Nanny service to start soliciting the Logan family to hire a Good Charlotte
nanny named Nyoka "Nike" Uhlenkott, because the sexual exploiters in the family were again
up to their old tricks of molesting and prostituting children. Keep in mind that the Logan family
are so sick that they pimped me out several times, when I was six years old, to a guy who used to
get off by cutting my sphincter muscle with a knife so that I would bleed while he screwed me in
my behind. Also, they conduct business in the same fashion as the Mafia. Roger Logan and his
entire family is an organized crime family.

However to give you some information to verify my story, Nyoka Uhlenkott's nick name
is Nike - as in the name brand of a sneaker. Nike's designation is mol 7 because she actually
signed the papers making her an informant when she was 7. Legally, child informants must be at
least seven years of age. When Nike was 2, her mother Barbra Uhlenkott was asked to raise
Nike, and to behaviorally condition Nike to trigger the self detraumatization in people such as
myself and to respond to certain cue words said by people like myself. Nyoka and Barbra are
from Lewiston, Idaho.

Some of that conditioning also included the recordings of my voice on a real to real tape
recorder for Nyoka to hear as a young child. They attempted to get Nike to record something on
the real to real for me to hear; but it is awfully hard to get a two year old to record the message
"I am mol 2" that has to changed upon the prompting of her mother to "I am Mol 7." The
alternative was for psychotherapist to use Nyoka's mother's voice for my behavioral
conditioning. (Nike was born on 7/3/77 while I was born 10/8/69, making the approximate age
difference between us about 7 years. This fits the profile you described on the Charlie Rose
Show.) Hopefully that former director of the U.S. Department of Justice is still alive and
understands that it is time for him to do some volunteer work. I believe I am that child, now
grown to a man, that you described; behaviorally conditioned to be a walking time bomb; an
informant to press charges against my assailants, the Logan family in Elkton Maryland. A family
that became foster family for the sole purpose to molest young boys (as young as 4) for their own
sick sexual pleasure and to prostitute out these young boys to other men that they knew would
pay the price to participate in their gay incest orgies. I have seen all three of the surviving Logan
males have sex with each other after they got done with me in th 1970's. Even their father
participated in an orgy that nearly killed me. My foster mother Nellie C. Logan has sought every
appertained for the past 25 years since I was first molested to cover up the molestation. I bear
scars to my anus from having multiple penetrations and the emotional pain is definitely real.
Nike Uhlenkott has been successful in pushing my button.

Hopefully, justice will be served and all surviving members of the Logan family pedofile
ring will be jailed for their crimes against humanity. But I need your help. I need you to
understand that the Logan family is so crooked that Roger Logan has attempted to bribe a MD
state police detective in front of me and got away with it by saying my birth mother is
schizophrenic. The Logans are using my birth mother's illness to negate my story of having been
molested by the Logan family. In fact the detective agreed to help in the future to help destroy
evidence and medical records if necessary. Roger then told the detective that if he ever needed
any money to come see him. This is not unusual for the Logans. They have even attempted to
bribe Cecil Count Maryland Department of Social Services officials with money and sexual
favors. And when I say sexual favors I mean that the officials are invited to participate in the
Logan gay incest orgies which would include young boys. This, however, does not describe the
full levity of the situation.

As many as 203 children went through the Logan home approximately 183 were young
boys. While the Logan sons discussed which child to molest Brian, the other foster child in the
home at the time or me, Walter Curtis Logan junior once made the comment, "It's shame that
mommy and daddy aren't taking in anymore children or we could have all we want." That means
all the children coming through the Logan home at 55 Kirk Rd. Elkton Maryland were potential
sex toys for all 4 of the Logan men. The most vulnerable were the very young that were under
the age of ten

Sex with children for money, favors and services is the Logan family creed. For another
instance to pay for a concrete porch Roger Logan and his father organized an orgy with me and
the old man says well at least we made $150. (While Roger's father was living Roger and his
father worked together to decide how much to charge for the orgies and who they would invite.)
I of course end up laying in bed for three days bleeding from the rectum before they finally took
me to the doctor. The doctor threaten to report abuse. Nellie whisked me out of doctor office to
home on bed in Roger's room. Lay there two more days untreated. I now suspect Nellie made an
appointment with gynecologist under her name, takes me with her and then tells the gynecologist
that it is actually her son (me) that needs treatment for injuries to his rectum. Dumb bitch is all
the gynecologist calls Nellie. The gynecologist continues to tell Nellie that I need to be taken to
hospital for emergency surgery but for some reason I was operated on right there in the doctors
office. I think Nellie paid the gynecologist $500 cash money for services and to keep quiet about
the abuse. However, Nellie fails to keep rectum clean by not constantly rinsing my rectal cavity
with salt water and then takes me back to the gynecologist because I became ill. All Nellie can
say is well he was up and walking around after 2 and half days is why she stop cleaning my
rectal cavity. The gynecologist told her I was ill because of her negligence to clean rectal cavity
necessary amount of time. The gynecologist then gives back the money and tells her to go away.
From this point on, things get a little too much for me to handle right now. Nor do I think that
you need anymore details to understand the horrific experience that Roger Allan Logan and his
brothers are subjecting Roger's own son Jarred to. For me, the experience was so horrific at age
six that while that guy who liked to see and feel the blood in my cut my rectum as he screwed
me for his sickening sex habit was cutting my rectal cavity, I grab the butch knife he was he
using and began plunging it in and out of my ass to rip up my hole. I wanted to die!

It is of the up most importance that you verify my story immediately with your contacts
within the U.S. Department of Justice and fulfill Niteline's verbal agreement with U.S.
Department of Justice to contact one another in the event that I do attempt contact. Also please
realize that all of my other avenues of contact no longer exist and I prove to be a hoax like the
letter you have received before and in the since that I am not the One, but one of Many, please
notify U.S. Department of Justice that Logan family of Elkton Maryland has violated its no press
of charges agreement with U.S. Department of Justice anyway. Now please be a Good Charlotte!
Mol 9 Upper Shore needs you to be social. I am pressing charges because the leopards have not
changed their spots.
Kevin Keith Haley
88 Elkside Road
Eklton, MD 21921
Phone: 410-398-4817

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