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Posted by L.G. on January 30, 1999 at 11:34:33:

I had a conversation with my shrink yesteday morning . She asked me what i wanted to do . I told her that I would like to see another Dr. for a second opinion about my headaches , and also see if the injections would help me with my headaches , since all the pills he has pushed down my throat have never helped at all ( I mean none of them ) . The only way for me to see another Dr. is for this one to refer me out because the insurance co. says I have seen all the doctors that I,m allowed . Well she called me up at 6:00 last night and told me that he flat refused to do anything except send me to the pain clinic that he and the insurance co. picked out . I know for a fact that if the insurance co. picked the pain clinic out the damn place is ran by their HIRED GUNS and I don't stand a chance . The frist time I tell them I can't do something because of the pain , they will call up the insurance co. and cut my balls off and they know that this will happen thats why they are sending me there . the Dr. is such an ass , he knows who butters his bread so the SOB is selling me out . Needless to say I was dumb
founded when she told me this . I was so sure that the Dr. would let me try and get some relief
for these damn headaches since I have been sufering from them for seven years since all his pills did nothing to stop them ( all I did was get very sick from them ) , but he let the insurance co. and his EGO go a head of my suffering .
Friend , the laws in the state of Oregon have got to change . People are sufferihg and dying here
and nobody cares thats what so horrible . After I hung up the phone I couldn't even talk for awhile . My wife was worried that I might do myslef in . I turned and looked at her after abit and said this shit has got to stop . how can they get away by being so uncaring , unless they are not human . this is not about Ego's and pain pills . This is about human nature . they take away your pride ,dignity and selfworth , They don't care if you live or die as long as they make a profit . I was suppose to go to the state capitol today at 3:00 to stand with some of my fellow injured workers at a meeting today , but my head and back are hurting to bad to make the trip . I wish I could go just so I could look some of these senators in the eye and see if there was a human being in there . I still want to fight but I really feel all worn out by all this .
I pray to God to give me strength to keep going Not just for myself and my family , but for every injured worker in my state who has lost everything to this system . Also for evey person who suffers from INTRACTABLE CHRONIC PAIN and recieves nothing for it . I thought that my shrink could do something about all this , because of all the mental stress I,m going thru
along with the pain I live with everyday . I was wrong . I guess she just doesn't want to try and buck the system . We need help from our Congressmen , Senators , repersentives anyone who can make changes in our laws here in Oregon . I love this state , I have lived here most of my life . I served my country from 1965 to 1977 and this is the way we the people
of the Great state of Oregon are treated . Pray for us .
Your friend L. G. from Oregon .

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