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Posted by Cliff Housden on November 23, 2000 at 02:23:13:

I was injured 14 years ago. Since then i have learned where hell is.. Over the years due to the tactics of Labor and Industries I have lost everything,more than once. homes,autos,investments,rv,marriages,credit, etc. I worked hard for many years to build a life and
in no time it was all gone..since my injury date i have never been released to return to work. The dept makes it a point to be your worst nightmare and they are mine.They have a lot of dirty little games they play. The most common for me is they seem to invent a reason to suspend timeloss benefits, then it takes anywhere from 8 mos to 2+ years before i get through the board appeals and get an order in my favor. The dept has stall tactics which can take months to get my back pay. Then they discover an overpayment, take close to 50% of the back pay and take a 30+% of my monthly benefits which with repeated protests can take up to a year to recover. This is just one of the tools they use trying to get me to settle. Call me hard headed but i refuse to allow them to kick me to the curb. I will continue to be a thorn in their butts as long as it takes as i have nothing more to loose. I have adapted to the lifestyle they allow me and have learned to live lean and put $$ away because my next check may be in the form of a letter of suspension. I think i would be safe to assume that most who are or have been in the system and read this can relate.
my injury has left me with permenent damage to back and neck,chronic pain and other fun things like degenerative disk and Can't spell it but sounds like arthritis? For 6 years the IME doctors reported findings to the fact that i was faking the injury which the dept was eager to accept. I'm always curious as to what the dept has in store for me next. I was excited to have run across this site and i feel for each and every injured worker who has had the misfortune of landing into the clutches of the workers comp system.
A few may get through quickly and with little damage.
but most feel the rath for longer and some i'm sure like me wonder if it will ever end. In my situation i should be up on what's being done to help injured workers battling the board and the dept but i'm not.
I seem to have gotten all caught up in my own private war with them. I need to join with others fighting the same war and get more informed. I'm in the washington
system which doesn't sound much different than the other states. any info or comments will be appreciated.

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