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Posted by Alta Sumerlin on March 29, 2001 at 16:55:51:

In Reply to: Re: Albertsons Settles Lawsuits posted by paul espitia on January 08, 2001 at 15:42:11:

Not only does this company cheat it employees by off the clock work expectations it also cheats its employees by not telling the truth about their pensions etc. I worked for Albertson for 27 years as a bakery hostess in Portland, Oregon. In 1986 they took the hostesses out of theunion and said we had no choice if we wanted to keep our position. So I being 100% Albertsons at the time beleive my supervisors and division manager when I was told it was the best choice I could make. I left the union and became non-union. working off the clock was a given and working during strikes etc. I took retirement in 1997. I thought the amount I was to receive was not as much as it should have been so I checked with the union to see what it would have been had I been able to say in the union and found out I would have received at least $250.00 more per month had i been able to stay in the union. I was told the company plan was so muchbetter than the union plan and all the other lies that went alone with it.I and the other hostesses at that time were told we could not keep our positions if we did not leave the union. Now some of the hostesses are still in the union and did not have to leave as i was told I would have to. I do hope that the supervisors and DMs are able to sleep at night with all the lies they tell their employees. I checked with the union and the statue of limitations had expired by a couple of months so I had no recourse against them. They continue to lie to their employees and free time is still going on.

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