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Posted by debbie on May 16, 2001 at 13:02:41:

In Reply to: Just Want to Vent/Feedback posted by Peter I on January 25, 2001 at 13:46:39:


I have been thru the run run run around with this so called injured workers fund???? They should call it the I ALWAYS WANTED to be left crippled!!!
I have a degenerative discs disease, and have had since well about 1975, surgery on my neck 1980&the pain went to my back after awhile, but I always worked a full time job always full labor, I owned my own cleaning company for 15 years, and then I sold out for employee problems and I almost had a nervous breakdown. I went back into the Hotel bar & restaurant management 1997, well I fell flat on my back wet mopped floor, back hallway, hard tiled w/concrete under, the floor was mopped w/kitchen water""grease""! Anyway the fall flat on my back , instant shoulders crushing tearing pain and spinal cord non stop bad bad pain, BAD, crippling wheelchair pain. Anyway I went to my doc 10-22-00, and he ordered alot of diagnpostic tests which showed, both shoulders torn, L/has 2 different tendons torn w/cuff damage also, neck C3,4,5,6,7,protruding on the spinal cord, concaved scoliossis, bulging T11,12,L,1,2,3,4. I am a hunchbacked, feet sliding walking slow as a 90 year old, and sometimes I do not walk. My surgeon said I needed surgery on shoulders, neck,back,rods and hardcord surgery?? The Independent Medical Examiner said I was MMI, maximal medical improvement, also I was able to return to any any occupation, f.time, no restrictions, and I need no surgery or ies, and no medical help, so all checks and prescriptions, everything, stopped 1-22-01, the day I saw the IME. I fired my 1st lawyer he said get use to it, this is w.comp, this IME has been here for years , done this to 100's of my clients and 1000's of others. I went nuts, I searched and found a good lawyer that cares. It seems that this doctor?? if that is what we call him, is allowed to do just about anything he wants to his injured workers, this man saw me and I can't do much of anything, my doctor said he is amazed I am walking after the damage the fall did to my shoukders and spinal cord. But 7 months later, I had to move in w/my motherinlaw, we cant do it, we were use to a 2 income , and man oh man, it is sick, sick, sick, sick, What state do you live??? I am in maryland and I am trying to find the 1000's of injured workers this IME did this to, and file a class action suit against the szob!!! He is just like a killer, as far as I am concerned, concaved scoliosis is bad, my spine has caved in, it effects my breathing, kidneys, and it can cause death, if I do not get it taken care of, BUT who wants to see me w/no insurance, and I do not want any surgery w/no insurance, no way!!!! I contacted s.s. office and I think I am going to go and get on wwelfare, atleast a little money will come in, also they will pay for computer school, I will not be working a stand up job anymore, ever. Why dont you file for S.S. or go to welfare, I know it is a pain, but it is better than nothing, right??? I needed to vent, and I will search until I find atleast 20 people who he has left injured, and then we will se how to get back atleast try to get back 1/2 of what we all lost because of a IME, that decided he did not want to play doctor anymore, he wants to be paid to laeve people injured and homeless. It is a real mess this so called goverment of ours, they regulate the rules for insurance companies, IME, doctors, fraud , they all should be ashamed of thierselves, all of them!!!!!


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