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Posted by debbie on May 16, 2001 at 13:31:09:

In Reply to: 14 years and still fighting.. posted by Cliff Housden on November 23, 2000 at 02:23:13:


14 years?? Have you ever recieved any $$$$?? Myself the same thing the IME, I fell flat on my back 10-22-00, I had degenerative discs disease mild case in neck and back, mild. The fall flat on my back, wet mopped floor, BAMM, I went on the floor hardtiled concrete underneath, diagnostic tests showed both shoulders torn, L/torn 2 tendons and cuff, C3,4,5,6,7 protruding discsw/impingment on the cord also concaved scoliosis and bulginf T11,12,L,1,2,3,4, I am now crippled , like you, and this is a sick sick world.
My doctor said I needed surgery on my neck, back and both shoulders, also I would be crippled, not disababled crippled, some days I can't walk, I am hunchbacked, and my feet drag when I walk, when I get in and out of car I have to pick my legs up to put them in car sometimes. When I saw the IME I did not feel the pin in my bottom feet , or my top feet ankles barely, this man knew I was crippled, from the fall he knew it. I fired my 1st lawyer, he was nasty rude, and he played golf w/IME***** my 1st lawyer told me get a grip and welcome to the world of w.comp, this IME has done this to 100's of my clients over the years, and 1000's of other lawyers clients over the years/ The IME written report was a 8 page lie, noth8ing but a lie!!! IME sai I was MMI, said I could go to ANY occupation ANY, f.time no restrictions, none, also I need no surgeries nor medical help. I was recieving checks at first, then on 11-22-01 the day I saw IME, it stopped all of it. I have written to 1000's of people that say we will help fraud write us, wrong, ama,health dept., quality physcians review board, and the list goes on and on and on. I sent the written report from the IME,all of my diagnostic written reports, and a letter from myself explaining that this IME is doing this to 1000's of people. PLEASE HELP US< sorry we find nothing wrong w?this, it is his opinion vrs. your doctor????? Ofcourse the insurance carrier goes w?there IME 1st. always, no matter whether you are walking or crawling they do not care , they do not, and it is sick, sick, sick, that our goverment is suppose to regulate this, all they do is regulate the $$$$, fraud well maybe 20 years later if that but we need our $$$$$, damm the injured human beings that are left injured???? Something is wrong here, very wrong, between the waco, and mcviegh 3000 papers, and S.S system, FBI, and the list goes on and on and on. Do you live in D>C> or Washington STate???? I would love to get 100 of people and march the whithouse, for real, ofcourse I would have to go in a wheelchair , because I cant walk more than 6 blocks, and I have to lie down on aheating pad, the pain is suicidal, w?pain meds., this is bad pain , spinal cord? I think you know, the shoulders torn hurt also, I cant believe they leave people like us, injured, our spinal cord have serious damage, that needs to be repaired, and torn tendons do not heal they just tear more and more??? GOD I am sure is mad about all of this stuff going on and on and on. I am going to get a web site going on ime's the silent killers, or something like that? Also I want to find 20 people in Maryland that the same IME, did this to them, and file a class action suit, I have a lawyer that will take it I have to find the people, and I will, I have nothing to do, but go crippled and get back MR IME, it is a personal thing, thank GOD he did not do this to my daughter, I think they would have to put me away!!! Gotta go, email me GODBLESSAALLINJUREDWORKERS DEBBIE

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