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Posted by Cherie Haas on June 03, 2001 at 14:02:08:

I got hurt at work in July 2000 ,went to a doctor, he tells me I have a lower lumbar sprain and I will be back to work in 4 days with 30 days worth of narcotics for the pain.Cant drive or function on these meds,Needless to say it's been almost 11 months and I still dont have my life back,I have been to several doctors who dont agree with his diagnosis,having to follow the L@I rules I changed my primary 4 days after my work related injury,my case worker ordered an IME
(Independant Medical Exam ) Twice in 11 months.I read the panthlet L@I put out and it states that they are here to help us injured workers get back to work .Well I got news for you all,My IME was based on the first doctors diagnosis even though we requested it to be based on the primary (which had changed)4 days later,this case worker has been rude /ruthless/and out right disrespectful to me and my husband.We have been through at least 60 people trying to get answers and or help.My x-employer was never any help,my case worker has never been any help,the first doctor I went to go see touched me with a rubber triangle on my knee and and elbow, but some how had a 3 page report on a diagnosis for the IME exam (go figure ) .This case has so many flaws it would make the average person crazy or give up.I went from 170lbs to 260 lbs the state says im MORBIDLY OBESE ,well I wouldnt be if they would have helped me get the proper help in a timly manner,They got away with staying with a QUACK doctors diagnosis and torturing me with all the deniles and trying to blame me for not getting the help I needed when they denied me,with no insurance at the time and fears of collections I tried to buck up and do it on my own.My x- employer (where I got hurt) never once called or extened and sympathy for what happened to me,
Quickly :I had a 300lbs industrial cooler, door hinge break and the door hit my head and push me against a prep table at the hips.well now I still dont have my life back I cant drive safely I cant clean my own house or do dishes and taking a shower and washing myself are at best very difficult,I always need help .As a result of not being able or getting denied help my left arm in now almost unfunctional and painful.I have pain everyday all day ,How do I find the proper help? I now have insurance with my new husband I now have a lawyer and I still would like to help others with the knowledge that if you ever get hurt at work,You need to make sure you find a doctor in the feild of the injury you got. Remeber that you could get a case worker like mine and you may never get better so make a great effort to find a doctor who can help you and who can diagnos you right.It is beyond me how the phoneys get millions of dollars for life and I have to suffer for almost a year w/o help or payment of any kind.We have spent all this time fighting the system from unemployment to L&I to judges to case workers.We have been through all the appeals and lost but we finally did win the right to get unemployment but now I cant file for it because I have a lawyer now who says dont file.Im still not fixed and still have no income.I just want to be fixed so I can go back to work ,For me to go to work somewhere is telling the system yeah I agree that you can treat me and others this way and here I'll work and help pay your state salleriesjust so you cant treat real honest hard working people like myself like crap !!! Im fed up I need help and there should be a book put out to help us real folks ,not case workers who treat us like we are the phonies, they are the phonies and I would invite any one of them to my house to see what I cant do anymore,I dont have a life all I have is the daily depression ,the daily pain,the daily frustration of not being able to do what a normal person does just to get out of bed is a task I need help with . thanx Cherie

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