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Posted by Merle Campbell on February 06, 1999 at 01:32:20:

Nordstrom et al. (and all others) should be comfortable in their hold and influence on the legislature of
the State of Oregon. Last friday the Senate Public affairs committee heard testamony on Senate Bill 460
which among other provisions provides for the extension of "Exclusive Remedy" to the year 2004. Exclusive
remedy means that virtually all remedies for injured workers must come from the insuranace companies,
SAIF or the self insured employers or the Workers comp Division. In other words your case can be disposed
of in any manner they want and the employer, the insurance companies, SAIF and the so called independent
medical examiners can not in effect be sued.

Today, one week later the same Senate Public Affairs Committee heard Senate bill 220. Injured workers
have testified at each hearing. SB 220 allows the insurance companies to close injured workers claims
with out oversight by the Workers Comp Division. This bill puts the theives in charge of the vault. The
Workers Comp insurance and business interest in the position of being prosecutor, judge and jury. In all
cases they will find for themselves.

Doctors that lie for the workers comp industry will continue to lie, with impunity. Nordstrom et al will
continue to deny or close claims based on those liars perjured reports. The members of the legislature
will continue to pander to the workers comp business interest untill hell freezes over, unless........

Unless we decide enough is enough. It is time to take the legislature and workers comp interest to task
in terms they will understand.

Please pardon any errors in spelling or grammer, tonight I am pissed, tired, and sorely disapointed in
the people that Oregonians voted for and put into public office to look out for the best interest of the
people of this once great state.

My late boss, Major General Richard A. Miller, once said that "when the legislature is in session your
wife, life and wallet" are at great risk.

more later......

Merle Campbell

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