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Posted by Merle Campbell on February 16, 1999 at 04:07:44:

House Bill 2320 provides for the hiding of safty and health violations
from employees by employers, this is important in findings of negflegence
on the part of the employer that caused a work injury.

This draconian House Bill establishes (employer) privilage to prevent
disclosure of safety and health violations (in violation of Safety in Places
of Employment statutes ORS 654.001-654.991) during administrative procedures.
Important information during many injured workers claims process.

Violalations of Health and Safety in the work place should not become
privilaged sevrets.

This bill will be heard in Hearing Room E at the State Capitol, Wed Feb 17,
at 08:30am.

Business and the Workers Comp Insurance Industry have made a full scale
attack on any remaining workers rights left in Oregon. This bill is another
example of greed an malice towards the unfortunate injured worker that was
unlucky enough to become injured while working his/her butt off for a callous
employer with generally a hostile attitude towards injured workers.

This in a state where prevailing wages are less than the national average of
all 50 states, where housing cost are near the top of the national averages
and the Governor declares Oregon a State with a high quality of life.

If you are an injured worker in this state your quality of life has gone to
hell with the help of the Governor and this Legislature in conspiracy with
the business and workers comp interest in this state.

This bill needs to be defeated.

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