doctor's failure to provide pain relief

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Posted by S and G (e-mailed in) on February 20, 1999 at 12:51:01:

One of the best ways is to report the doctor to the State Medical Board for failure to diagnose, and failure to treat Intractable Pain. ALWAYS call it Intractable Pain. That way it falls under the state's law. Then turn them over to the Board, putting the Board in the odd spot of putting one on trail for FAILING to provide pain relief, when they are used to doing it for the opposite reason.

IF one doctor loses his license for failing to treat Intractable Pain, then others will wake up and smell the coffee. Nothing gets their attention faster than seeing other doctors lose their license. That's why most have stopped treating pain: Doctors were losing their license over it as a result of the DEA work with medical boards.

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