Re: Weak workers comp or Tea Time for Turtles

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Posted by Tom Lawyer on February 26, 1999 at 11:02:13:

In Reply to: Re: Weak workers comp or Tea Time for Turtles posted by John Lewis on February 25, 1999 at 23:40:36:

Oregon's small businesses are falling throught the crack in this system
and I am proof of that. I have had two shoulder surgerys in the past 14 months
because i have not benefited form
all of the safety programs That Saif Corp and Oregon Osha say's that they have
In 1998 alone Saif Corp has giving back to Oregon's employers 130 million dollars
Thes companies that recieve dividends check do not apply even a small percentage
back to their safety programs. They apply it to there bottom line
I currently work for a company that has never complied to the OSHA safety Standards
that went into affect in Jan of 1990. We do not have a Safety Committee and we have never
had a Safety meeting, So I have never benefited from those programs.
The first responsibility for our safety is up to the worker first.
We all know it hurts when we smash a finger with a hammer, But It is up to the company
to ensure that we work in a safe work enviroment, and How can the work enviroment
be safe when the employer fail to maintain even the job site and workers suffer for it.
So someone please tell me where OSHA is. OSHA's
inspection are down because they don't have enough inspectors to go around. They don't have the money.
I am currently in the litigation process because of a denied claim because the problems I have had with my right shoulder
I am have the same problem with the left shoulder and i do not want to go through another surgery again.
I am getting my information from my attorney. Saif has reached a paradox, They have reduced the cost of premiums
employeer's pay for coverage and they claim that work place injury's are down, They are up they just don't accept as many claim as they used to
How can the benefits increase when there revenue has dropped almost 55% where arte they getting the money for this increase in benefits
Its called robbing from Peter to pay Paul.
John don't think that I am agruing with you I not. I am with you we need to make drastic changes to this system.

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