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Posted by Tom Lawyer on February 27, 1999 at 12:38:37:

In Reply to: Re: Turtle posted by T. Urtle on February 27, 1999 at 11:15:21:

Im not trying to argue with you Turtle and I respect
your Opinions, There are always two sides to every issus.
I know full well what the numbers say and the numbers do not
reflect real life situation's. I am trying my best to help
injured workers in this state with the facts. I care about
whats happens to the workers in this state. Maybe
you have never been affected by this system consider yourself
lucky. Others can not say that. I don't have a paranoid mistrust
of everything except my own experiences. I look at both sides of an issue
and then i make a personal judgement. It is very clear in my mind
That the Workers Comp system needs help. A new house bill was read
on Feb 17 in Hearing Room E, It establishes (employer) privilages to
prevent disclosure of safety and health violations( this bill is in
violation of safety in places of employment statutes ORS 654.001-654.991)
This is important information that would help an injured worker
with the claimes process. If this bill passes and becomes law it will send a message
to all employers that they can use say for instance chemicals that are harmful and
unsafe to the worker. What if that worker was exposed to this chemical and became sick
The worker would have no access to the information about that chemical. In the state of
Oregon all employers are supposed to have on hand MSDS's Material safety data Sheets
these sheets are there for the protection of the worker, What will happen to those MSDS's
if this bill passes I believe that the worker will lose that Information, This is
very serious. I am asking for you opinion on this, Not as a way to argue with you but to get you
input, you claim i don't have all the facts. This bill worries me. This bill if it passes
will have far reaching complications. It will create Loopholes in the system.
Safety and Heath issues will become secrets If this Bill passes.
I would like your opinion.

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