Old Injury claim re-opened and denied

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Posted by Bonnie L. Hower on March 04, 1999 at 22:10:19:

I injured myself in 1983 making an arrest for Fred
Meyers, I worked in their Security Dept. They closed
(Liberty NW)me out in 1986 leaving me in a chronic
pain state saying there was no more they could do for
me. I learned how to take care of the pain thru phys-
ical therapy etc. so for years I just dealt with it,
well in Dec. 97 it flared up to the point where I
couldn't use it,it was a stabbing sensation which I
had nevery experienced before so Jan.98 I called my
doctor and told him what was going on and they basically told me they wouldn't see me cause it was
an old claim but if I wanted to open a new one ok.
Well I had a part-time job that I didn't injured my-
self at and told them it wasn't a new injury, they
declined to see me. So I called my attorney's office
that represented me befor and he told me to call the
insurance company which I did and they sent me a list
of doctors to choose from and 8 of them refused to
see me because it was an old injury.
Anyway to make a long story short this has been going
on for 1 year and 3 months they still haven't accepted
my claim after they accepted it then denied it, never
have gotten my medical bills paid, I had surgery
last October,had my personal insurance pay for it.
I have a hearing March 25th. I had a IME and they
even agree that it is from the old injury to a degree
but now the insurance company is trying there darndest
to find some kind of inconsistency in my life because
they believe I reinjured myself and I didn't. It has
been mentally draining me and I find myself getting
depressed and crying. Quess I shouldn't let them
upset me like they do but all of this is so ridiculous
and uncalled for. Do you have any recommendations?
Sincerely, Bonnie Hower

PS I have written my State Rep., State Senator and
the Insurance Commissioner. Didn't get much of a
reply from any of them. Kind of disappointing!

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