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Posted by Tom Lawyer on March 14, 1999 at 13:31:23:

In Reply to: Media coverage lacking posted by Debbie on March 14, 1999 at 10:18:04:

As citizens of this state we have to realize that
politics rule all of the information gathering
services from the major news stations and newspapers.
I am glad that the Statesman Journal is uphpolding
it's responsability to the public. When it come's down to people issue's
the media could care less about the impact on human live's. If it
dosen't sell newspapers and if it dosen't offend the advertisers It will
not be published. On the issue of the Workers Comp crisis in this state
if you boil it all down what you find is Money Money Money, It rules
everything. And that is too bad. I am glad that the Statesmans Journal is
not afraid to publish the facts and shame on the others that are too afraid to cover
this important issue. In my opinion this system is as corrupt as anything I have personally
ever seen, If the media ever decided to dig into this and start listening to the facts
this issue would make the Federal Goverments case against Microsoft look like small claims
court. Debbie it is people like you that have a voice and are willing to use it.
The men that started this website are great examples of people that care because they have experienced
the problems and have had the courage to keep pushing ahead. Their are alot of
lawmakers in this state that really do care about the workers in this state, Its is these lawmakers
that need to hear our voice's whether it be directly through us or the media, The point is that they hear
us and the need all of out support.
Persistance breads support! Keep it up debbie.

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