AOI wants to put 2mil in Politicians pockets

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Posted by Tom L on March 16, 1999 at 11:39:10:

In the Sundays Oregonian dated March 14 Metro Section
"Special report" The Associated Oregon Industries is
upping the ante with plans of raising 2/mil dollars
to influence election in 2000. If this happens it would put the AOI
in the forefront of political action committees in Oregon. The
AOI is pro-business not pro-worker, They are pushing hard for bills that would
alter family leave requirements for employers-pro business!
They have a new committee Called "Center for Citizen Leadership"
A populist name and mis-leading to say the least. The AOI lobby's hard for employers
against employees by using the current WC system to benefit the employer.
This writer believes that they will attack term limits, One third of the legislature turns
over every session because of these term limits and I support this because it gives more people a chance
to run for office, we need fresh Ideas not politicians who are stuck to certain Ideas
about how goverment should be run. Secretary of state Phil keisling the states Chief elections officer
said he expects the 2000 election cycle to smash all previous records for spending.
This concerns me as a taxpayer and a citizen, This reminds me of what Intel has
been doing to the residents of Washington county for years denying the county from its share
of the property taxes in order to further there business clout. In this writers mind it is extorition
to put the burden of there share of the taxes on taxpayers back just to create 6,7 and 8 dollar an hour jobs.
The AOI is trying to influence voters in the same way, they want to try and educate the voters into thinking the way that they do.
They want the voters to elect people into office that has the same political agendas as they have. Were does the
employees fit into all of this. Any Comments!

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