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Posted by Del on March 17, 1999 at 13:56:10:

In Reply to: Re: Reply to Tom Mattis posted by T. Urtle on March 16, 1999 at 22:31:40:

Five injured workers including myself participated in a short term commitee for the re-write of claim closure forms last Friday with WCD officials and others. Two of the injured workers there never received claim closures (by the ins. co.'s) nor did their attorneys. They lost their right for reconsideration because they found out too late.
We have not found anything in law or statute, and WCD acknowleged at the meeting that there is no requirement that these be sent certified or registered. We've talked with many other workers who never got one either.

We know of a case when in a timely fashion the evaluations unit got deeply involved in trying to reverse a court ruling when proof was presented that the ins co. perjured themselves in court. Her lawyer was incompetant by not disputing who the attending physician was when the ins. knew it wasn't the one they claimed in official court documents. Unfortunitely, the evauation person who got the decision "set aside" transferred out of that unit at the same time. A different person reversed the "reversal" that same week. She has the letters. Eval. people were transferring out then since they all felt the dept. would be history. Today when I called relating to this message I discovered their tel # is disconnected although #220 has yet to pass.
So even it appears technically I was wrong in my earlier post, having the eval unit is in workers best interest since unlike the ins. co.'s they can be objective in their findings.
I appologize for any wrong impression my earlier post may have left with people.

T. Urtle, who are you? Could you send an e-mail to the webmaster because if you're an injured worker I believe you could help the cause tremendously due to your knowledge on WC.

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