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Posted by Tom L on April 01, 1999 at 10:34:23:

In Reply to: Re: Reply to T. Urtle posted by Katherine Keen on March 23, 1999 at 01:42:03:

It is no use in arguing with a parasite of the workers comp system.
Does it seem funny that alot of Insurance people and anyone involved
with this greedy, corrupt, not for profit, uncaring, unwilling to listen
W/C system are always in this message board. It sure does to me, These people delight
in seeing the harm that they have created. They like seeing the frustration being expelled
on the message boards. I have been talking to a person that is an evaluator with the WCD
and these people are afraid for their jobs who wouldn't be afraid to lose their jobs.
Don't you all see that the State Government is attacking any agency that has been
established to help the injured worker! Look at what is happening to BOLI and the DCBS
these agency's are set-up to help the injured worker. Saif dosen't care about injured workers
they only care about the numbers and their bank accounts, Believe me people when it comes to the kind
of money that these insurance companys are pulling down they will stop at nothing to ensure that the
money keep coming in. Our own Governor " DOCTOR DOOLITTLE" has stated that the system is STATUS QUO
meaning that everything is OK! Well bucko when good and honest people are suffering at the hands
of a state that creates victims it is people that have the power to fight back.
Remember next year is an election year. We know the lawmakers who have supported these reforms.
As for Turtle he is a parasite that is latched itself to the butt of the injured worker, and he likes
to use this forum to argue with the people that write to this forum just to bring negative
attention to the cause. Please don't fall for this mans games, He is used to playing games.
Don't give him the satisfaction of arguing with him. This is a person who only sees what is in front
of his Face, He has blinders on and they can't see anything past those Blinders.
The problem with PARASITES is that they are so small that you can't see them and they make a person
very sick like the system they work for.

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