"Lawmakers Question Workers' Comp Plan"-Oregonian 4/2/99

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Posted by John Lewis on April 02, 1999 at 10:40:15:

Business section article (B1) in this morning's paper starts "Two Democrats smell a rat in the arrangement between Saif Corp. and Associated Oregon Industries (AOI)..."
(The AOI, in the form of Lisa Trussell, lisa@aoi.org , (503) 588-0050, sits on the Governor's Management Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC)which puts forth Worker's Compensation laws and amendments to the Oregon Senate. The AOI also provides money for politicians and makes videos.)
The arrangement includes "well-disguised kickbacks" as follows:
1.Saif pays AOI $160,000 a year in "fees"
2.Saif pays AOI a "bonus" of 2.5% of the value of the dividends that small businesses receive for having low claim costs. Since 1995 these "bonuses" total more than $780,000.
3. Saif has also paid nearly $1 Million dollars to AOI in another "fee" scheme involving larger companies.

Saif Corp. acknowledges that these figures are accurate and that this "program" has been good for business.

I suggest that the next time a Republican such as Mannix, Derfler or Sizemore, or any other anti-labor person puts forth an agenda to limit what the American Worker donates to political causes through payroll deductions etc., you in turn ask your Representative, Senator or aspiring Governor how much money they took from the AOI/Saif "kickback fund".

I also suggest that this is blood money. The Injured have spilt their blood to finance a lobbying effort which then contributes to the holocaust known as Oregon Workers' Compensation.

I, for one, would like some of that money to help fund my own medical and vocational recovery from a workplace injury, which was compromised by insurance attornies, IME's and claim adjusters. I am therefore sending a bill for $13,060.82 to AOI Industries, 1149 Court Street NE Salem Oregon 97310. Some of this money I will pay as a "bonus" to TIES, the IWA and IWOP for their fine work in organizing and supporting injured workers.
I suggest you do the same before the blood dries.

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