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Posted by Linda Palmer on November 02, 1998 at 10:40:09:

 I am an injured worker from Idaho. I have been unable to work for 4 years. I was frauded out of my benefits by Idahos workers comp. Idaho has one of the highesty worker fatality rates in the nation and yet our Governor refunded millions of dollars to employers for safer working conditions. In addition I found IME drs in our state who either had major disciplinary actions from other states, were not qualified or had criminal backgrounds. Our State Insurance fund used employer premiums to purchase 2 buildings for the State of Idaho and leases them to the state for $1 per yr. Please look at the Medcheck organization and the Sorehand user list. Medcheck has drawn up a national list of workers rights that we want all states to adopt. Please join with us to stamp out the atrocities. I have 6 disc herniations and have been unable to get medical help because of my activism in this area. My arms and righ leg have atrophied because of spinal stenosis. My family has been thru hell, I will fight to the last. these atrocities are unbelievable. Please join us!

Linda Palmer

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