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Posted by tom l on May 07, 1999 at 17:48:52:

We as injured workers having to deal with this Draconian
system need to keep going on our efforts to bring change to
this system, I know it is tough when we e-mail our Represenatives
and it takes them sometimes a week or more to respond, But they do respond
they have to they represent us in Salem and a good Lawmaker remembers just who
put them in office in the first place, Send as many e-mails
as you have the time to and encourage others to. You don't have to
have had an injury at work to help get the message out it just takes time.
We have some very good and honest people in Salem who do care about what has happened
to the Workmans Comp system in this state, It affects them just as much
insofaras getting re-elected back to office. But their are people in Salem who couldn't
care less what happens to workers trying to get fair medical treatment from a one-sided system.
The Governor knows that this system is one-sided but why should he care he is on the downward side
of his term so why start to improve something that you have let slip through your fingers when you
be around to see it through. One last thing I have talked to lots of people about this problem
and I ask them if they are a registered voter and alot of them say "Why should I vote it dosent
do any good". I say that they are wrong It does do every bit of good. Find out who your represenatives
are and ask them how the stand on the workemans comp issues or any other issues that will affect
your life as a citizen of this state especially if they are up for re-election.
The State of Oregon has lost it way and needs help getting back on track and It is up to the citizens
who care about their neighbors and friends and especially the taxpayers who help fund this state, Oregon needs

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