need to have everyones help for an e-mail day

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Posted by craigsmart on May 12, 1999 at 01:39:03:

June 14, 1999 mark that date and give injured workers (yourself) one hour of your time!!!!

Hi all, My name is Craig am from Utah there is no board over here so I am going to start one.
Last July I herniated 3 disks in my neck work comp. is taking care of me and the bills, I have surgery in one week and am going to school ya right what is his problem you say.

In Oct 98 my wife was hurt on the job and the claim was denied which in turn as everyone knows can ruin a real good year real fast. We have four of her Dr. and three of their Dr. all saying she has an on the job injury but the insurance co. still will not pay we have a hearing in 5 months. There is nothing we can do but hang on for the ride. We have spent over $9000. of our own $$ and are totally broke.

I have been to Or. to see how to set up a Web page and am working on it slowly but surely but it will get online within the next two months, I am lobbying (as crude as it is) to have as many laws changed to help injured workers as I can soon or later it will happen.
BUT not without everyone getting involved, I would like to know what you think of an "e-mail day".

I was reading and started thinking what if we every injured worker all on the same day e-mailed Congressmen/Women local and national, TV local and national, Radio local and national, Newspapers local and national someone at some point would read one and say ha maybe just maybe there is a story here!!

I am in the process of getting as many links to as many Newspapers, TV stations, Radio stations, and Congress as I can and am going to put them on one web page, that way all you have to do is click and paste or attach a one page summary (have it on a disk)of what you have been thru, the fraud that has been committed by insurance co., State offices, and Doctors
and send to your hearts delight.

The laws can only be changed if we all get together on this. Not one of us by ourself, BUT as a group (team) something will happen

Let me know what you think

OH by the way I know there are insurance co that are going to read this, but who cares no amount of money will change the fact that YOU WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE. But if you have nothing to hide you should not worry right? If that is the case you too can get involved, because at some point the bad will run the good out of business.


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