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Posted by Tom Lawyer on May 17, 1999 at 11:10:17:

I would like to ask that all of the people who support this website and have gained
knowledge about this Workmans Comp system that all injured workers are forced to deal with
contribute 1 dollar to a full page add in any major newspaper in the state of Oregon.
What has happened in this state and what will happen in the near future depends on the support
of the groups of people that are tired of this Legal and Political parasitic attack on the workers and their
Families. Our own Govornor says that Oregon is the best and most livable state in the union.
Lets take a look at how livable our state has become. We all know of the problems that face an injured worker
in Oregon, This state is dumping tens of millions of dollars because of the salmon crisis in Oregon, What has a
salmon done for you today. AOI the Associated Oregon Industries Has attacked the Family leave act. This attack is
aimed at pregnent women, Now if a women gets pregnant in Oregon she is faced with either going back to work early
or taking the required time off with her child and lose her rights to return to the SAME job she had before becoming pregnant.
Our Governor wants to take the kicker checks that we are supposed to get by law if their is a surplus in revenue and give it to schools
I don't have a problem with that but most of the money will be given to the Portland school district. My son dosen't go to the
Portland school district. Portland alone dumps millions upon millions of gallons of raw sewage into our rivers each year and the State of Oregon
dosen't know why the salmon populations have dropped, Their is no room in the rivers for the salmon to swim, " To Many Baby Ruth's in the Way"
Oregon has made an all out attack on the workers in this state, OSHA inspection are way down this year from previous years. BOLI the system set-up
to ensure the rights of workers injured or not is losing their funding. They don't want workers to have rights. I am very pleased about the new TV show that
The three advocacy groups have started, This show will finally bring to light just what is REALLY going on in this state and maybe people will get off
their hands and do something. It is time that we put our money where our mouths are. I would like to get a full page add in the Oregonian to advertise
the show and this website, and the problems injured workes face in Oregon, I will pledge the first 50 dollars to help advertise the show,
If you have added messages to this board and have learned from the imput gained from the messages Pledge a dollar and help advertise
this website and the New show, It only takes 20 pop cans to start and how many of us have those getting in the way.

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