Kevin Mannix-scumbag

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Posted by MC on November 15, 1998 at 23:03:43:

 This Mannix guy is a first class creep. While at UO our paper wrote him up several times. He's the kinda guy who would beat his own mother if it meant higher political office. He also sold out his own voters when he was elected as a democrat and then converted to republican after they promised him a better deal. It appears he's getting in the good graces of the insurance companies who have lots of money to throw his way when he runs for governor and beyond.

Gazette-Times Online Monday, May 13, 1996

Nominate Myers for attorney general
Oregon Democrats should grab their chance to nominate Hardy Myers for attorney general. Myers has established himself as the best candidate with his thoughtful approach to the job and a distinguished record as an attorney, state legislator, and policy adviser.

His opponent in the May 21 primary is Kevin Mannix, a Salem state representative noted chiefly for tough-on-crime proposals. Mannix sponsored successful ballot initiatives in 1994 to lengthen sentences, treat violent 15-year-olds like adults, and require full-time work by prison inmates. Those ideas obviously struck a chord with the public, but also set in motion a growing fiscal bind for the state as it is forced to provide thousands of new prison cells. Mannix precipitated those rising costs without providing a way to pay for them - a serious indifference to the effects on other state obligations such as education. That's a critical shortcoming for someone who seeks one of Oregon's most responsible statewide offices.

Mannix clearly holds higher political ambitions, and could be expected to treat the attorney general's office as a stepping stone to run for governor.

By contrast, Myers has proved that he's dedicated to public service, not self-promotion.

University of Oregon - Oregon Daily Emerald Online OP-ED - Editorial 13-Jul-1995

Insemination bill lacks legal merit

Rep. Kevin Mannix stepped in unpopular territory this week when he proposed a bill that would make it illegal for unmarried women to be artificially inseminated. This bill is absurd for obvious reasons. Any sane politician should know by now that legislating morality and family values just doesn't work in Oregon and in this country. It simply doesn't belong in politics.

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