House Bill 2830. Does it makes employers responsible, Or another way to Modify Safety and Health Requirments

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Posted by Tom L on June 03, 1999 at 14:13:12:

House Bill 2830 Sponsored By Rep Jeff Kropf

Is this sponsored bill good for Employees, Employers or is this another run around
by certain Lawmakers that disregard workplace safety. This bill seeks to modify occupational safety and health
requirments, Requires The Director of the Dept of Consumed and Business services to prioritize inspection schedule
It requires the director of the DCBS to believe the employer knew or should have known of unsafe conditions and employees exposure
to unsafe working conditions before the director can issue a citation for an alleged violation. Do we need to have the Oregon Safe employment act
amended or is this bill another burden shift of priority! Can anyone tell me what is the job of the Director of OR-OSHA and who makes the decision
whether a workplace violation is wothy of inspection.
This bill will create new provisions while amending ORS 654.003, 654.035, 654.067, 654.067, 654.071 and 654.293
The purpose of the Oregon Safe Employment Act is to assure as far as possible safe and healthful working conditions for every working man and women
in Oregon. Unless special circumstances warrant does The Safety in places of employment act need further amendments. Also how about the Workmans Comp Insurance
Carriers what is their stake in this bill, Will they actually start helping Companys that have an increase in Loss time accidents they besides the workers affected
by this bill have a large stake in this bill. This writer is also cautious this could be another quiet attack by the AOI to undermine the purpose of OR-OSHA
Al that the AOI cares about is the health and welfare of the employer that they represent and not the workers. Remember AOI is responsible for the attack on the family leave act
what would stop them from doing the same thing to the effectivness of OR-OSHA.
We as workers need to keep a close EYE on this bill.

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