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Posted by Tom L on June 04, 1999 at 11:18:16:

In Reply to: Senator Gene Derfler posted by Wimper Snapper on June 03, 1999 at 17:13:23:

If you think it is hard to get this parasite to respond to an e-mail
try living in the district that he represents.
We alsohave another monkey in the Middle, His name is Jeff kropf
His proposed bill would take the responsibility away from the Director
of OR-OSHA and put it into the hands of the Director of the DCBS.
this bill states. Requires the director of the DCBS to priortize inspection schedules
This bill makes me nervous, If an employee calls OSHA about a safety or health problem
the employees would have to wait to see if the Director of the DCBS will call for an
Inspection, All the time while the person continues to work in an unsafe enviroment.
How many workers will die or become ill waiting for the Director of the DCBS to get off his
Hands. I feel that this is a bad bill. It is mearly a shift of burden. This Jeff Kropf
hasn't a clue to what he is doing. He is probably sitting in the Back pocket of
Associated Oregon Industries While their lobbyists are whispering in his ear.
I can just hear this conversation. " Hey jeff lets shift the burden from osha to the head of the
dcbs. we can't have osha inspecting companies that we represent. it looks bad on us and makes
the companies that we represent look bad. Jeffs response, " Hey I know lets sponsor a bill
that puts the burden on say the director of the dcbs and it will be his responsibility to
try and figure out who should be inspected. AOI's response "Ya that sounds good. This should slow down
the inspection process especially if it is one of the companies the we represent. Jeff's says
Maybe we can take a bite out of the safety in places of employment act this should make the companies
on your list very happy, it will save the company's money from not being fine and if a person gets
injured we all know what happens then, since the workmans comp carriers don't help these companies with safety issues
this makes the employer less responsible until the director of the dcbs will be so busy maybe he will forget about
the inspection. AOI says " this will be a good bill for our business, this bill will surley pass since the governor
only cares about salmon, let get the bill going ok jeff. but we need to word it so it looks good to the other
lawmakers who don't care about workplace safety. They both chuckle shake hands and part company. and if asked about this bill
they both deny there conversation saying THATS POLITICS!
this bill can't be passed. ANY RESPONSES

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