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Posted by Craig Smart on June 08, 1999 at 17:45:55:

JUNE 14, 1999 E-MAIL DAY FOR CHANGE (I think in large caps it means shouting? Good thats what I wanted to do!!!)

OK everyone there is one week left before e-mail day give how ever much time you can and e-mail as many Congressmen/Women TV, Radio, and Newspapers around the US if we all get involved maybe just maybe we can get some coverage.

Put your stories on a disk one or two pages, shoot ten if thats what you need to tell it. Make sure that the e-mails have your full name and return e-mail or address if you feel like giving it, that way they can if they need to get a hold of you, they can talk to you about your story.

Don't feed them bulls***, just what fraud you have had to deal with, in the Insurance co. Drs.(IMEs), and State laws, and how and what it has done to your family and everyone around you, what kind of future you have because of the out right fraud. I know some will have no problim with this and I also know that there are people out there that have a hard time telling their stories. But you need to know that, there are thousands of people out there that will stand up for you in a second, all you have to do is ask.

This is something I hope will work, if it does not, we will do it again and again. At some point after their e-mail systems have been plugged up with hundreds of letters of fraud. Some one out of pure frustration will do a story and it will turn out, to be one of the biggest they have ever done. I am already looking into get a site dedicated to E-Mails. With plans of maybe in Oct 99 doing it again, what ya think?

If you need links www.goplay.com/e-mailday has some and will have all ten that I'm allowed in a couple days. If anyone knows of boards that have posted anything about the e-mailday or know of a board that would post it, plz forward this message. I have posted on about 15 or 20 other boards, hell I even have a board in Canada that posted for us.

I also want to tell everyone who has helped me with this THANKYOU and also I want to thank every one who is sending e-mails on June 14,1999.

Take care everyone

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