concerning last post on e-mail day posted 6/8/99

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Posted by Craig Smart on June 10, 1999 at 13:25:29:


There are some things I said in that post, that have been pointed out to me, that I need to address.
First and formost I said to "put the e-mail on a disk one or two pages, shoot ten if that's what it takes....

Please, make them one or two pages and only send the message to each place "once" PLZ. The concern here is that we are not clogging e-mail systems with what they consider "SPAM" rather
they consider it a letter of abuse by Insurance co., state, or IMEs and could quite possibly be a good story to cover.

Also, if you submit an e-mail, make sure your name and address are on it, with your address they can confirm your story. If your name and address are not included they will "just throw the letter in the garbage" as an anonymous letter. The purpose of the e-mail day is to get a Newspaper, TV, or Radio Station to give us some coverage on the fraud committed against us by the Insurance co., States, and IMEs just because we were hurt on the job. Also, please make sure that "the message" you are e-mailing is as short as you can get it, with grammar and punctuation checked and corrected. Our purpose is not to plug e-mail systems up (spam) and to come across as whining injured workers. But, as injured workers that are entitled to the same rights as the person you were before "being hurt on job" not a whole new set of rights.

So Please, if you have forwarded this post to anyone or other boards, I need your help in forwarding this message to them also.

I apologize for the way I came accros the other day in the last post. I am only human and some days, I just take it out on the posts I put out. I do think this will work, we all have our own stories of abuse and fraud. I think as a group we can make changes to the system and we will, if done the right way.

Thank-you for your help and support in this cause
Craig Smart

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