All American Holocaust (IWA Note: Iris has been at the forefront of WC reform and is an inspiration for injured worker advocates throughout the U.S.)

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Posted by Iris B. (message e-mailed to IWA) on June 23, 1999 at 13:22:02:

Public officials who claim they never heard of any real problems with the workers compensation program should look at the findings of the New York and the Alaska fraud task forces. Then they need to look at those whose claims were denied five years after the injury. The results will be a high death and a suicide rate, bankruptcy rate, divorce, homelessness, and institutionalization rate that would turn the stomach of any reasonable man.

There is genocide going on in AmeriKa and perhaps the human rights commission should take a look if our public officials refuse to acknowledge problems or to cover it up.

Here in Alaska, the dead bodies have turned up all over the United States after the governors task force findings were unveiled, an outside auditing firm, did a complete audit and investigation, now they are opening the books to see where all the money has been going. Doctors, lawyers, etc.... have submitted a lot of testimony and document pertaining to the usual array or criminal activity all the carriers seem to be using on a regular basis. (forged and altered medical record, lying carrier "IME" doctors, suppressed evidence, and doctors being threatened and intimidated to cancel surgery, or change diagnoses etc.)

During the hearings the governors personal aide left the room to weep, and one to throw up. Any public official who refuses to examine the bloody aftermath of their program should be reminded that after over twenty year of this, becoming gradually worse the dead body count from those who never had medical help, should be about equal to that of the third reich. And the tally of those who will never get well as a result is the cause of the demise of medicare. If a G.I. is hurt on base in training, or in battle, he does not get dragged through a lawsuit that is impossible to win before he can see a doctor for treatment, yet this is what happens to the average citizen in this country, and revolutions have been fought for less cause.


Iris B.
Author of work. comp. "All American Holocaust"

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