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Posted by M.L. on July 09, 1999 at 02:32:24:

In Reply to: Re: Help! What do I do now? posted by Wimpster on July 04, 1999 at 09:46:20:

Well, to update what's going on, tuesday I received my copies of the reports from the 2 IME's I've had. The last one says I have this symptom and so and so, which are all clues to the condition my doctor says I have, but this IME dr says it in itself is not conclusive of the condition. DAH!!! Put them together!!! Anyway, he says I have something totally different (a "wastebasket" condition), that I should have therapy for another month if not better then I should think about changing my line of work since it's only going to aggravate the condition.
Well, together with this report I got a letter denying my claim because they say it's not work related. One of my conditions is carpal tunel syndrome (both hands) and I work in a computer all day.
Now the decision goes to L&I with the state of Washington for the final decision (as if they are going to be on my favor). I hired the attorney the day after I got the letter.
And....KPC...that same morning I got the letter I had talked to my case worker and she said she didn't know any decisions on my claim. The letter was signed by her!!Do you think I should trust wc now? She could have told me the truth, but she lied big time.
Now I have no doctor unless I can pay for it since my health insurance considers this a work related injury.
KPC, if you trust wc, that's fine with me but watch it! Sooner or later they'll get you. Do you think they are willing to give away money and benefits without a fight?
At least now I don't have to talk to wc, my attorney will do that.
Wimpster, thanks for your good advise.

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