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Posted by Together Injured Workers Succeed - T.I.E.S. on November 20, 1998 at 06:13:40:

 Please send me your IME stories as is mentioned earlier in this web site. I need your name, the Drs. names, AND what went on at the IME. I need this so I can do two things:
1) Compile a book along with your entire stories on Oregon workers' comp. and 2) But right now I desperately need
your IME info to take to the Medical Board so they can see what these so called Drs. do!!! I will NOT use your name in
either composition. I just need it for my records so I won't bother you any more about sending this stuff to me. If you really
want to help change things in workers' comp., believe it or not, it starts with the Ins. Cos. and not with WC in Salem as you
may erroneously think like I did before getting some real facts straight. First we make these IME's responsible to someone
(right now they are NOT RESPONSIBLE TO ANYONE!!!) and then we work on the laws in Salem. Actually we are
already working on them now and please remember that the legislature convenes in Jan. We WILL be there...we WILL be
prepared... and we WILL let them know we are gathering in force, a force that is not going to give up. If you are sincere in
making a difference, please contact me: Caroline, TIES. Our phone number is listed on this web site in "Related Groups" from the main page. Thanks.

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