Let's not stoop to their level!

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Posted by Wimpster on July 17, 1999 at 16:53:14:

As we all can plainly tell there have been ins. reps. on this board. You can always tell them apart from the injured worker. Because they have No Heart! They call us Liers, stating that our claims are fake! But the true injured worker knows better. There is not an IME in the world that knows your body better than yourselves. You are your own best Doctor! You know when you are hurt or hurting and they don't know crap! So what if they have degrees,they still are stooping to the level of the ins. co. After all Insurance Companies sign their checks! I've found the true at heart are the people that tell the truth, and do not cause grief. So, don't let them bother you, don't stoop to their level. After all it is just a mind thing to them! But to injured workers it's a serious thing! BEING INJURED ON THE JOB IS NOT FUNNY! This is a serious matter that an insurance co. does not want to deal with! After all, did anyone see "Pirates of Silicon Valley"? Think about it!

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