Re: Legislature kisses Insurance Lobbys Ass!

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Posted by Tom L on July 26, 1999 at 11:28:19:

In Reply to: Legislature kisses Insurance Lobbys Ass! posted by Frank on July 26, 1999 at 02:05:45:

Hey Frank I am so pleased that you have asked this question.
I am currently waiting for responses from e-mails that I have sent to my representives
asking almost the same exact question. I want to know in detail exactly how any worker related
bills faired in Salem this session. One bills to me stands out that would have been good for any injured worker.
SB 1322, This bill would require W/C insurers and self-insurers to pay medical expenses incurred within 30 day instead
of the present day 90 days. There are two more bills that stick- out like a sore thumb.
The first one is HB 2830. This bill was sponsored by Rep Jeff Kropf. This representative
wanted OR-OSHA to only inspect the companys with the worst Accident and Injury rates leaving everyone else that calls
OR-OSHA to report a problem hanging. This bill would have directed reported workplace problems to the Director of the DCBS
and it would have been up to the director to give the go-ahead for that certain company to be inspected. If the accident and injury rate is low
for the company where an employee works and reports a health or safety violation there would be no inspection just a letter informing the employer
of the problem urging the to remedy it. What this really boils down to is this. Someone would have to be killed on the job in order for
the company to be inspected. Another example of this. There is a section of Highway that I have traveled for years, It is Highway 30
and Corneilas Pass road, Trying to pull out onto Highway 30 from this pass was very dangerous. A few years ago a girl that I knew was killed in
a terrible accident that blocked traffic all the way to Industrial area in north portland. This section of highway needed Stop lights to fix the problem.
Why does someone have to die in order for a problem to be fixed. This would be the outcome of HB 2830. An employee would have to die in order for OR-OSHA
to be allowed to inspect. The Last bill is House Resolution 57 sponsored by Rep Judy Uherbelan.
This bill would have appointed a task forse to look into whether Saif should be returned to a state agency or be privatized.
This started because of the Relationship between Saif Corp and Associated Oregon Industries and how Saif has been giving bonuses to AOI.
I know that Rep Uherbelan has taken alot of abuse because of this bill probably coming close to being tared and feathered along with Rep Dan Gardner.
I haven't heard how far this resolution went in committee.
One other thing, I recieved an e-mail from the webmaster of this website that the great MLAC cancelled its last meeting.
It is this writers belief that MLAC is a joke it always has been and will continue to be a joke. They only meet when the Legislature is in session.
The webmaster was very upset because there was alot of worker related bills on the table that needed work and they cancel. Is this agency
doing its job NO IT"S NOT. MLAC should be disbanded!. It is not living up to its original intentions
It is just a waste of time, money and resourses. When I gets any responses back from my Represenatives I will post them on this
message board. This website needs to take advantage of the upcoming election year and push hard on the candidates about how they stand on
Workers compensation in Oregon. Its going to be interesting to say the least. We need to be working on a game plan folks.
If you have been affected like a bad virus because of the current W/C system in Oregon then we need to keep up the pressure
and get the word out about this system. Write letters make phone calls send e-mails. Ask them how they voted on bills.
Related to Workers Compensation or any other bills. They do affect you too! not just in the district that they represent.

to your representatives

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