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Posted by Tony Wasilk on December 11, 1998 at 17:45:40:

 I've certainly been down that all to familiar road. I'm still syptomatic and have an abundance of horror stories. Just giving the experience place in my mind allows bitter memories to fester. But, that's not why I'm e-mailing everyone. There's something really important that you need to know that most of the medical professions will over look or ignore. If you've had a head/neck or concussion injury, you may feel really stange, I mean a lot of different sympoms. I will not try to list them and some people may experience different ones. There are free group meetings that you may attend and ask questions. The problem is suttle but far reaching, it's known as
"vestibular" or inner ear damage.
Please, call Joan St. Jean, a nurse facilitator for the support group, she can answer a lot of questions. She can be reached at: 503.233.6068, Dr. Blacks office.
So, if you feel like #$@*%^+ . I might mention workers comp., they don't want to recoginze this. So, they don't like Doctor.
We need to get AFL&CIO to battle for this they are powerful. If any of you still have union affiliation I can give you the connections.

Yes, I had to do a career change 5 years ago. So if I can assist you with real estate needs contact me. I lost a my home and two houses once, thank you workers comp.

Tony Wasilk
web site "www.go2c.com/tonywasilk"

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