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Posted by Tom L on August 13, 1999 at 11:21:39:

I have been thinking about something, Since House Resolution 57 went know where
because of the Relationship between Saif Corp and AOI this Resolution called for an Official investigation
to look in this issue of Bonus money being payed to Aoi from Saif Corp as a thank you for all of AOI's lobbying efforts.
Here is my Question. Since Saif Corp is a public Corp owned and funded by the taxpayers in this state, They have not been responsible
to the taxpayer by giving money to a private business lobby. Because of this irresponsible giving away of taxpayers money for the betterment
of the employer and not for the betterment of the citizen don't we as Taxpayers have the right to privatly question this, I think so!
I am right now drafting a letter to the State Attorney Generals Office inquiring as to the legalitity of this money pact between Saif Corp and AOI.
We as Taxpayers and citizens have the right to Question how this money was spent because as you know we pay for Saif Corp it is not a private company
Also Aoi lobbys hard in Salem for the Betterment of the Business climate in Oregon not the employee. Look at what they did to the Family leave act.
Aoi states that it took some of the money that it recieved from Saif Corp to produce Workplace Safety Videos. If the company you work for is a member of AOI
has your Manager of Boss showed you this Safety video. Probably not.
Saif Corp is giving our money to a private company. OUR MONEY
Did it help you. We live in a Quasi-state. What this really means is the People and or companys that do the most harm cannot be sued for their Illegal action.
We need to write The Attorney General and make inquiries about this Money Pact. It is a waste of Taxpayer money if the citizens have not benefited from it.
The Address to the Attorney General is.
Attorney General
Justice Building
1162 Court Street
N.E Salem Oregon 97310.
There is no E-mail to this office as of yet So it will have to go out via snail mail.
If enough of us that contribute to the Forum write and Inquire about this money pact The Attorney General
will havce no choice but to Inquire on behalf of The Taxpayer and the Citizens who are funding this.
Are you with me on This. Please feel free and E-mail me . If anyone has anymore Info on this E-mail me we need facts not personal feeling
about this. Do you all think that The Oregon Taxpayers Union could give us some help. I am not familiar
With the Oregon Taxpayer Union or it policys. We need to do this. Since our Legislatures couldn't do this I think That we can.

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