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Posted by Jack on August 13, 1999 at 17:10:01:

In Reply to: Goodbye and good riddens Representative Kevin Mannix posted by Chris Mason on August 13, 1999 at 15:26:29:

Here's some examples of Kevin Mannix serving the public interest. I've been collecting them and these are just a few in my collection.

Exempts landowners from liability for death or other damage to trespassers caused by condition existing on land, HB3054, by Rep. Kevin Mannix, R-Salem.
(And who decides who a trespasser is? Could going to a comp ins co meeting and having them drop a lite fixture on your head be tresspasing?)

The Oregon Supreme Court said the property crimes initiative should not be on the ballot
--Friday, October 16 1998
The co-sponsor of Measure 61, Sen. Kevin Mannix, R-Salem, had asked the courts to force Keisling to count all the signatures of the measure even though there wasn't enough legitiment ones to make it.

Prohibit cities or counties from suing firearms manufacturers for damages resulting from design, manufacture, marketing or sale of firearms, HB3049, by Rep. Kevin Mannix, R-Salem.

It is important to bear in mind that 1996 will be only the second election with legislative candidates knowing in advance that the office they seek can be "reserved" for only one or two reelections. Some "old guard" incumbents including Rep. Kevin Mannix, elected first in 1988, are interested in "adjusting" Oregon's term limits law to "add a little more seniority back into the system." That idea will register very little appeal with a public that likes what it's getting under term limits and stands ill-prepared to tolerate shenanigans by career politicians to get around a law passed by 70% of Oregonians just 3 years ago.
Kevin Mannix wants to give your job to prisoners.

The tactic has proven so lucrative that the a U.S. company operating in Mexico closed down its operations and moved them to San Quentin, while another firm dumped 150 workers in Texas and set up shop in a private prison in Lockhart, where prisoners now assemble circuit boards for such outfits as IBM and Compaq. State legislator Kevin Mannix of Oregon has issued an invitation to Nike to shift its operations from Indonesia to his state. "We could offer competitive prison labor", says Mannix. How competitive? Pay scales, which may run as high as $400 per month "take home" in government prisons, are as low as 17 cents per hour in private prisons.
A poor mix - Letís hear it for a total lack of common sense.

So whether itís in the home, where domestic violence can flare on a momentís notice into a life or death situation when a loaded weapon is involved, or anywhere else, the House is unwilling to say that alcohol and loaded weapons donít mix.
Thatís quite a message for all the youth who will take hunter safety classes this summer. That program emphasizes that alcohol and responsible hunting donít mix.
But it doesnít take a hunter safety class Ė just common sense Ė to understand that guns and alcohol donít go together, even though Rep. Kevin Mannix, R-Salem, wants to protect the rights of hunters drinking around a campfire while they pack guns. Then again, we never meant to suggest that the current legislature is strong on common sense. (lod)
Rep. Kevin Mannix, R-Salem, and his merry band of morality police
Ambition more important than party loyalty??

Kevin Mannix of Salem, Ore., gave up his state House seat to run for attorney general in 1996, but lost the Democratic primary. Three months later, he was a Republican; now he's running for his old House seat.
Does our future?? Attorney General want to take away another one our U.S. Constitutional rights?

Meanwhile, back at home our state House Republicans had been thinking up their own ďbrilliant ideas.Ē Everyoneís favorite legislative extremist, Republican Rep. Kevin Mannix proposed a bill that seems to be on its way to the ballot in the next election. It will amend the Oregon Constitution to allow regulation of establishments that offer nude entertainment and alcohol. Uhhh, that would be strip bars... Here we go again...
Hey, Congressman Mannix... Why donít you try some Mentholatum...?
Another Constitutional Right that Mannix doesn't think we should have!!!

The other measure that received the most impassioned debate was House Joint Resolution 89, which would prohibit felons and unregistered voters from serving on criminal juries.
Mannix described it as a "requirement that juries be comprised of responsible citizens."
But Jeff Merkley, D-Portland, said the measure would reduce the number of African Americans eligible to serve on jury duty by one-third, the number of Latinos by two-thirds and the number of 18- to 24-year-olds by 38 percent.
Rep. Jo Ann Bowman, D-Portland, who is African American, decried the measure, saying people who are not registered to vote are not necessarily bad citizens.
Gazette-Times Online Monday, May 13, 1996 - Editorial
Nominate Myers for attorney general

Oregon Democrats should grab their chance to nominate Hardy Myers for attorney general. Myers has established himself as the best candidate with his thoughtful approach to the job and a distinguished record as an attorney, state legislator, and policy adviser.
His opponent in the May 21 primary is Kevin Mannix, a Salem state representative noted chiefly for tough-on-crime proposals. Mannix sponsored successful ballot initiatives in 1994 to lengthen sentences, treat violent 15-year-olds like adults, and require full-time work by prison inmates. Those ideas obviously struck a chord with the public, but also set in motion a growing fiscal bind for the state as it is forced to provide thousands of new prison cells. Mannix precipitated those rising costs without providing a way to pay for them - a serious indifference to the effects on other state obligations such as education. That's a critical shortcoming for someone who seeks one of Oregon's most responsible statewide offices.
Mannix clearly holds higher political ambitions, and could be expected to treat the attorney general's office as a stepping stone to run for governor.
By contrast, Myers has proved that he's dedicated to public service, not self-promotion.
University of Oregon - Oregon Daily Emerald Online OP-ED - Editorial 13-Jul-1995
Insemination bill lacks legal merit

Rep. Kevin Mannix stepped in unpopular territory this week when he proposed a bill that would make it illegal for unmarried women to be artificially inseminated. This bill is absurd for obvious reasons. Any sane politician should know by now that legislating morality and family values just doesn't work in Oregon and in this country. It simply doesn't belong in politics.
Mannix delays action on a very important "public interest" bill strengthening investigations of retailers suspected of selling alcohol to minors so he can blackmail another legislator.

Rep. Kevin Mannix, R-Salem, the gun bill's chief sponsor, persuaded House members to vote 33-25 to put off debate on Lim's bill until Thursday. The gun bill is expected to come up Wednesday in the Senate.
Mannix was keeping quiet about his intent, but other legislators said he wanted to push Lim into supporting the bill. "I think Kevin is doing what he thinks is going to apply the pressure" on Lim, said Rep. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene.
Lim said he was unmoved. "I don't like the tactic," he said, adding that "it pushes me in the direction of voting no."

The Boston Coalition for Freedom of Expression, in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the August 1990 Boston opening of Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Moment, has compiled its sixth annual list of heroes and villains. 1995/1996
The Oregon Citizens Alliance, Oregon State Senator Gordon Smith, and Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix, for perpetrating Measure 31, a ballot initiative that insidiously seeks to circumscribe free expression statewide. If passed in November, the measure will resurrect pro-censorship ordinances now held unconstitutional, encourage widespread censorship, and create an upsurge in lawsuits. Interviewed in the NCFE Quarterly, No on Measure 31 director Janet Arenz correctly points out that members of the theocratic right want "to make an example of Oregon.... This is part of a national agenda to control what people can see, read and hear across the country."
If someone looked long enough like me they'll find 100's of examples of "dick in his mouth" & wantabee "Dictator Kevin L Mannix" attempting to NOT SERVE THE PUBLICS INTEREST except that "PUBLIC" who can give him huge campaign donations like the workerz comp insurance companys.

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