Injured worker gets partial satisfaction (Humor)

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Posted by T ; ) on August 27, 1999 at 17:14:42:

Did you hear that an injured worker died? Yes, just as the system wanted. This way the insurer escaped their responsibility.
Well, when the worker arrived at heavens gate ST. Peter greeted him. As it was a busy time St. Peter informed the worker there was going to be a short wait before they could enter.
Having still a human need the worker asked the Saint where one might relieve ones self. Peter gestured toward a small cloud a short distance away. The new arrival went over to the cloud. Finding there was another cloud with people on it below him the injured worker shouted to St. Peter, "I can't use this cloud there are people on the cloud below"! ST.Peter responded, "Do not worry about them. They're representatives of the insurance company who didn't worry about you"!

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