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Posted by Tom L on August 30, 1999 at 11:52:44:

Please visit the Speak out page on this website and download the letter and or
Petition and send it via, Snail mail, E-mail of fax it to The State Attorney Generals
office or The Secretary of State office, If enough of us who are tired of a system that has forgotten
about the casualities That the State of Oregon is producing through the Workmans Comp System, A system that
is supposed to help the injured worker not make life miserable for them, We need to get the attention of these two offices.
Rep Judy Uherbelau and Rep Dan Gardner have worked hard on this proposal and angered many because of the it.
Associated Oregon Industries lobbys the Legislature hard for anti-worker bills for the BETTERMENT OF ITS MEMBERS
and not the people that work for its members, Look what AOI did to the family leave act, This lobbying effort was
aimed at Pregenant women. AOI felt that pregenant women are putting undue burdens on AOI member business and when the new mother
returns to work her old job may not be there for her, She will have to accept another job in the company and if she dosen't want it she is out
of a job, Is this fair HELL NO IT'S NOT FAIR. House Resolution 57 called for an audit to look into the legality of a contract between Oregon's
Number 1 Workerman Comp Insurance carrier Saif Corporation and Oregons Number 1 business lobby Associated Oregon Industries this contract has
produce payments to AOI in excess of 2.3 million dollars in Bonus money so that AOI can lobby lawmakers to produce anti-worker legislation and to help
reduce the workmans comp costs to it members. AOI states that this contract is legal but is it legal that is what we need to find out.
Saif Corp is a public company whereby it receives its revenue from taxes and premimus derived from its policy holders, and because of its status
as a a public company it is answerable to the citizens of this state. Did you all know that Saif Corp boasts that it has over 2 billion dollars
in reserve, and how did Saif Corp get this money from us. They have taken money that should have gone to the injured workers to help with medical costs
and invested it in stocks with high rate of return and just think, Saif turns around and gives millions to a company that lobbys against you.
AOI claims that this money is used to make workplace videos to help companys under their control with safety issues within the company, Odds are
if you work for one on these companys you have never seen this workplace video. Forgive this longwinded message I am trying very hard to get this message
out and get us motivated enough to act. This money pact is wrong, it is used against the injured in this state all for the benefit of the business climate
in Oregon. It dosen't matter if you have been injured or not, The odds are that one of you co-workers have been or will be injured or killed while on the job.
The taxes that we all pay to this state go the many programs and agencys that are supposed to help benefits its citizens and the state as a whole.
These agencys are staffed with people that keep the programs running and are headed by high payed directors, Don't we have the right to question what
the money is used for. That is what Rep Judy Uherbelau and Rep Dan Gardner are trying to do with House Resolution 57. They demand answers about this contract.
They are doing this for the people of this state who are affected by this contract. It is kickback money plain and simple. Saif is using this bonus money
to protect it's own interests and to reward AOI for its efforts for a job well done.
I am asking everybody who contributes to this forum to download the letter at the speakout page and send it to the State Attorney General Office and the Secretary
of State office, If enough of us do this these two offices will have to respond with an investigation. That is what Rep Uherbelau and Rep Gardner are trying to do.

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