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Posted by Merle Campbell on August 30, 1999 at 21:40:51:

In Reply to: Help With House Resolution 57 posted by Tom L on August 30, 1999 at 11:52:44:

Good post. You are right that Oregon satutes clearly make it illegal for an
Oregon agency to pay for lobbying the Oregon legislature.

By paying sums to Associated Oregon Industries (AOI), they are circumventing
the spirit and intent of the law. I believe this should be prosecutable.

It is as blatant as the legislature passing laws that exclude Insurance
companies from lawsuit in spite of the Oregon Consitution Article I, sec 10,
20 & 21.

As a former member of the Oregon National Guard we were reminded that the
Military Department was precluded from lobbying the legislature, this meant
a paid employee (state or federal) that lobbied the legislature for laws
meant to affect the National Guard or Military Department was illegal.

State and federal monies could not be spent on any thing that smacked of
lobbying or trying to affect the outcome of a legislative body. That meant
you could only testify at the request of a legislator or lawmaker at their
request and then to answer questions they asked, some opinions would be
solicted from time to time to clarify potential effects of certain bills.

I believe SAIF has crossed over that line by miles. It would be intresting
to see if SAIF benefits from some federal funds or grants as well.

SAIF is in the unique postion of asserting itself on the legislature, with
Oregon taxpayor and injured wokers monies against those very workers, and
getting away with it.

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