Case markes big shift in Pain Policy, Front page of the Oregonian September 2nd 1999

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Posted by Tom L on September 02, 1999 at 16:07:29:

In an apparent first for the nation, and Oregon medical board act against a doctor primarily for undertreatment.
The Oregon Board of medical examiners on Wednesday approved a disciplinary plan for a Roseburg doctor who grossly undertreated pain in six patients.
It appears to be the first in the nation that a state medical board has taken action against a doctor in which undertreatment of pain rather that overtreatment is a primary factor.
This case represents a siginificant shift for the oregon medical board, And it ia a precedent setting part of a national change in public policy regarding pain.
Dr. PaulA.bilder signed a stipulated order, which the board approved Wednesday, acknowledging that his treatment of these patients showed unprofessional or dishonorable
conduct and gross or repeated act od neglingence.
Out of the six patients two of them died because of this doctors mistreatment.
Public board documents about the case indicate the doctor has ahd power struggles with nurses, communication lapses with patients and families, and an apparent lack of current knowledge
about proper pain treatment.
This will be a landmark case concerning pain treatment of patients.

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