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Posted by Tom L on September 05, 1999 at 13:16:32:

In Reply to: Re: Governor Buy's Home In Portland posted by Frank on September 05, 1999 at 01:29:11:

Whats the difference whether the Salmon Governor buy's a home in Portland or not,
Also who cares if he is a Republican or a democrat, The point is during his tenure
he has made sure that the livability of Oregonians has become worse.
The problems with this state and the nation as a whole is the two party system.
We are forced to vote a party that has it's own Ideals and they do not represent the ideals
of this country. When George Bush was president he went to a grocery store and was amazed
because of the way the grocery clerk could scan a product and the price was displayed
on a screen and he said that this technology was great. Now here was a president
that was is of touch. During his re-election campaign a high school student asked him what the
price of a gallon of milk was, He couldn't tell that student what the price was.
OUT OF TOUCH our Governor suffers from the same thing.
Our Governor should be proud of me I went to the coast and caught 2 coho Salmon,
now because of those two fish I feel that my life is complete, Thank you Governor Kitzhaber for the salmon.
Don't get me started on the democrates. We need to stop looking at politicans as our mothers
they will not take care of you, They don't care if a workmans comp carrier screws you to the wall.
It is up to us to bring change to a system that demands blood from it's citizens.
P.S thanks for the salmon Kitzhaber. Im sure it cost's us million.

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